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Fast relief from pain

Naturally enriched with the goodness of Indian Winter Green, Mint, and Chir Pine Oils.

Chir Pine Oil, Indian Winter Green Oil, Mint Oil

Key Ingredients
Ayurveda texts and modern research back the following facts

Chir Pine Oil

The oil is used for treating minor aches and pains when applied externally.Cedarwood possesses antispasmodic properties which relieve spasms and related ailments.

Indian Winter Green Oil

Containing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, the oil is beneficial when applied locally in acute rheumatism and sciatica.

Mint Oil

When applied externally, Mint Oil is an effective antineuralgic.

Directions for Use

Massage gently on the affected area two to three times daily for quick relief from headaches, body aches, and other pain.

Patients were advised to apply Himalaya's Pain Balm gently on the affected area two to three times a day for six weeks. Results were recorded every week, at which point the frequency of the symptoms would be noted.

Product Type: Balm

Country of Origin: India

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Himalaya Herbal Ayurvedic Pain Fast Relief From Pain Balm Strong Balm

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