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Indian products
directly to your door

        Ayurvedic Store (one-stop shop) is a cutting-edge online Indian bazaar in the United States. It is a one stop online shopping marketplace promoting unique South Asian merchandise, mainly products from India in the USA. If you are looking for anything from India, It is like shopping at a local bazaar in India, but with the convenience of doing it online from your home or office in one easy checkout process. Sure, you might miss the long haggling and bargaining sessions but aside from that, we are confident you will enjoy every moment of your online shopping experience at this site.


        Our online Indian store strives to offer our customers a wide range of high-quality and unique Indian products at the most competitive prices. Our goal is to turn visitors into loyal customers by providing them with the best price, reliable service and seamless online shopping experience for desi products.

Some of the categories from which you can shop are listed below

Sweets and snacks - Sweets and Snacks that are difficult to find can be easily found in our Indian grocery store online, which offers free shipping.

Pulses and Dals - Indian organic pulses are nothing but the pure versions of regular dals. They are processed without the use of harmful chemicals and are thought to be more nutritious than polished ones. One can order Organic dals online easily.

Ghee and Oils - Ayurvedic Store offers 100% Pure organic Cow Ghee,Buffalo Ghee,Organic Indian Sunflower oil,Organic 42 Sesame Oil,Organic 42 Mustard Oil,Premium Cold pressed oil etc. To begin with, Our organic Ghee and Oils that are free of any chemicals or preservatives.

Ayurvedic - Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical tradition, believes that 'prevention is better than cure'. To achieve a healthy balance, Ayurveda suggests making changes to one's diet and lifestyle. Ayurvedic medicine not only focuses on healing but also on overall well-being. Ayurvedic medicine's traditional system introduced several powerful herbal combinations that aid in health maintenance.

Health and Wellness - We've always believed that fitness is about much more than one's physical appearance. It is about bringing the mind, body, and soul into harmony. It is important to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. It is also about making better choices every day, which allows us to become better versions of ourselves in the long run.

Skin and Personal care - True, we all want to get the most out of our skincare routines. But getting the most mileage out of your skincare cocktail requires targeting your very individual and specific needs. Unfortunately, no single product can satisfy everyone. But what about the good news? There are quite a few products that skincare aficionados and experts return to time and time again to give the skin a targeted plumping, retexturizing, toning, and brightening.

Our goal for you is  -  BPB Formula

1. Need to Beat the clock by having the products delivered directly to your door without bothering your Indian friends and family
2. Need to do some
Penny pinching to buy more for you and your family on the same budget.
3. Need to Bring to the Table to make the world a more equitable place by purchasing from direct manufacturers and merchants who make reasonable profits and pass on the savings directly to you by avoiding middlemen.

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