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Product highlights

  • Helps to treat burn injury (first-degree burns) 

  • Lowers your risk of an infection post a burn injury

  • Can be used as an antiseptic for minor cuts and abrasion

  • Known to aid in quick healing of burns and cuts

  • Information about Dr. Morepen Burnol Cream

    It is used to treat and prevent infections caused due to minor superficial burns. It provides immediate relief in burn injury as it acts as an effective first-aid treatment option for 1st degree burns. Any burn that occurred due to contact with hot objects or fluids, steam, or sun exposure causes mild burn known as the first-degree burn. In these types of burns, only the outer layer of skin is affected causing mild pain, redness, and swelling. The cream also helps to lower the risk of skin infections and promotes quick healing. 

    It contains aminacrine HCL and cetrimide as active ingredients which are known to have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Aminacrine HCL works as an antimicrobial agent that is applied topically. It helps in the prevention and treatment of infections during the treatment of burns. Cetrimide is known to exert antibacterial action on bacteria. It has bacterial efficacy against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. This is the reason it is also used as an antiseptic agent in case of minor cuts and abrasion.

    First and second-degree burns covering less than three inches diameter of the skin can be managed at home. However, you may need to visit a hospital in case of severe burn injury. This cream is known to be safe and can be used by anyone. However, if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, it is wise to consult your doctor before using it. Keep it away from children to prevent any unwanted use. Use this cream on a regular basis for effective results.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Aminacrine HCL: 0.1 g

    • Cetrimide I.P.: 0.5 g

    Key benefits of Burnol Cream: 

    • Helps to treat first-degree burns/minor superficial burns

    • Exerts powerful antimicrobial action

    • Prevents the risk of infections during treatment of burns

    • Prevents infection in cuts and wounds

    • Helps to provide relief when applied topically

    • Ease of use as it can be easily applied on the affected area of the skin

    • Has bacterial efficacy against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganism

    • Can be used as an antiseptic in minor cut and abrasion

    Directions for use:

    Firstly wash off the injured skin under cold water and pat it dry (if possible). Then apply this ointment directly under hygienic conditions. You can even smear on sterile dressings when applying the cream to the affected part. 
    Post application of the cream, do not cover it with a bandage but keep it open. Make sure you do not wash off the ointment with water after some time. If required, you can even consult your doctor.

    Quick tips for Burnol Cream:

    • Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to get the most out of this medication.

    • Tell your doctor if you are taking any other ointments or creams as they may affect or be affected by this medicine.

    • If you are allergic to this cream or any of its components, avoid its use. 

    • Read the label carefully before use and do not exceed the recommended amount of cream.

    • Always check with your doctor if you experience any side effects or allergic reactions due to the use of this medication.

    Side effects of Burnol cream:

    This cream is usually safe and doesn't cause any side effects when taken as per a doctor's recommendation. However, it may sometimes cause irritation, burning sensation, and discomfort at the site of application. If you experience any allergic reaction or if your condition doesn’t improve then do talk to your doctor.

    Storage and safety information:

    • Read the label carefully before use.

    • Keep out of reach of the children.

    • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

    • It is recommended ONLY for external use.

    • Store below 25 degrees celsius. 

    • Do not freeze.


Dr.Morepen Burnol Cream

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