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Glow inside out with Turmeric!

Bid goodbye to blemishes with the exclusive Himalayan Organics turmeric brightening cream. The superhero herb-turmeric is an ancient ayurvedic medicine that provides glow and luster to the skin. It revives your skin by bringing out the natural glow. Not just that, the inherent properties of this wonder herb target your pores, calms the skin, clear up your face, neutralizes free radicals, safeguards against environmental toxins, and promotes a natural glow. It supports the skin by improving its tonal value and provides intense nourishment. Get set for an all-natural radiance!

Packed with a wonder ingredient!


This multi-beneficial ayurvedic herb is an antioxidant that also consists of anti-inflammatory components. Turmeric helps bring out the skin’s natural glow and provides luster to it by keeping the toxins out of the skin, managing inflammation, and combating damage-causing molecules.

All-natural glittery glow with soothing effects!

MOISTURIZING & SOOTHING EFFECTS: Dryness can make you look dull and dehydrated. But now, no more! With Himalayan organics Turmeric Cream, experience deep moisturizing and soothing effects on your skin. This non-sticky and non-greasy formula leave you with soft, hydrated, and healthy skin.

GLOW & RADIANCE: Himalayan Organics Turmeric Cream contains the pure, organic & highest quality turmeric, widely known for its aromatic and purifying healing properties. It draws our dirt, exfoliates dead skin layer, manages dryness, combats fine lines, does away with tan, regulates excess production of melanin, and evens out the complexion for natural glow and radiance.

INTRINSIC PROPERTIES: Turmeric contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that manage inflammation and oxidation. It safeguards your skin cells against various damage-causing molecules, harmful toxins, and free radicals that hinder the growth of healthy skin cells. Not just that, the healing properties of Turmeric ensure faster healing of wounds and promotes all glowing and blemish-free skin.

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Himalayan Organics Turmeric Brightening Cream Dark Spot Reduction No Parabens,Si

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