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  • Why do we need thyroid support? The thyroid support capsules help fulfil thyroid-essential nutrient needs, balance hormones, and stimulate the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

  • 8+ Thyroid essential nutrients : Amalgamation of nutrients like iodine, selenium, magnesium, and zinc to help you shrug off hormonal disbalances.

  • Bid bye to thyroid tiredness: Powerful formula with energy booster ingredients like ashwagandha, vitamin B12, and zinc to keep you active the whole day.

  • Vegan-friendly health: The capsules are curated with safe ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, gluten, dairy, soy, nut, egg, and fish, and are truly vegan-friendly supplements.



Balanced TSH Levels:Iodine and selenium help manage TSH levels and functioning in the body.

Enhanced metabolism:Ingredients like holy basil and piperine help boost the body's natural metabolism.

Cognition support:Fusion of ashwagandha and L-thionine helps you stay calm and supports brain development.

Key Ingredients

Iodine - Iodine is essential for enhanced production of thyroid hormone and normal functioning of the gland.

Selenium - Combats oxidative stress generated during the production of thyroid hormone and boosts immune system functions.

Panax Ginseng - Helps improve hypothyroid-induced deterioration through high antioxidant activities.

Rhodiola rosea- Also known as “golden rod”, the herb improves thyroid secretion and helps manage anxiety and mood swings.


How does the supplement help in thyroid management?

The supplement helps bring thyroid functioning to normal levels with essential herbs and nutrients and discourages factors like stress and oxidative stress to keep TSH levels healthy.

Does the supplement help balance iodine levels?

Yes, the supplement contains iodine to support your daily intake along with a regular diet. Normal iodine levels are essential for healthy thyroid functioning.

How does healthy cognitive functioning help with thyroid disorder?

High levels of stress can stimulate thyroid disorders. Himalayan Organics Thyroid Support capsules contain ingredients like ashwagandha and L-thionine to keep your brain calm and brain healthy.

Can a 50yrs old man consume the capsules?

Yes, the capsules are safe for all adults. Consult your doctors if you are pregnant, nursing, under medication, or suffering from a disease.

Are these capsules gluten-free?

Yes, the capsules are free from gluten, soy, nuts, dairy, fish, shellfish, and egg, and are suitable for a vegan diet.


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Himalayan Organics Thyroid Supplement To Support And Maintain Healthy Cellular M

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