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  • Formula for health needs! Immunity, bones, cartilage & energy.

  • Formula for glow needs! Brightens skin, diminishes fine lines & wrinkles.

  • Natural power in each capsule Green Amla, Asparagus, Spinach, Okra, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Pumpkin Seeds.

  • Replenish nutrient levels Daily dose of Vitamin C & Zinc as per the RDA.


2X IMMUNITY BOOSTER:Aids in microbial killing & encourages the production of WBCs.

YOUTHFUL GLOW:Vitamin C boosts collagen synthesis, essential for younger-looking skin.

POWERHOUSE OF ANTIOXIDANTS:Neutralizes harmful radicals & guards against oxidative stress.

Key Ingredients

Spinach Leaves - Rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants that help manage skin health & immune function.

Pumpkin Seeds - Good source of Vitamin C, Zinc & Fatty Acids for bone & skin health.

Green Amla - One of the richest sources of Vitamin C that benefits both immunity & skin naturally.

Asparagus - An antioxidant-rich veggie that neutralizes radical damage responsible for tissue damage.


Is it easily absorbable?

It’s a plant based formula that absorbs quickly without causing digestive or reflux issues. In fact, it even utilizes essential nutrients in the body for proper growth & development.

Why Vitamin C with Zinc?

Both have immunity-boosting properties & both are needed together in perfect quantities for the effective functioning of the immune system.

What is Zinc’s role in immunity?

Zinc helps in activating WBCs essential to ward off infections. It also regulates the activity of T-cells & cytokines, which are key players in the immune response.

Who should consume it?

Anyone who falls sick frequently, has constant fatigue, suffers from skin aging, or is deficient in vitamin C & Zinc can consume 2 capsules of this.


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Himalayan Organics Plant Based Vitamin C With Zinc As Amla Extract Glowing Skin

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