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  • Kid you not!: This formula has 5+ natural extracts for kidney health.

  • Food for kidneys: Fennel Seeds, Nettle Root, Patharchata, Punarnava, Dandelion Root, Rosemary, Piperine.

  • Be kind on your kidneys: Boost overall kidney functioning.

  • Let kidneys reflect their healthiest version!: Easy detoxification | Diuretic.


HELPFUL IN KIDNEY STONES:Relieves kidney stone formation & storage.

DISCOURAGES UTI:Supports smooth urine flow & discourages infection.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT:Safeguards against inflamed kidneys & their symptoms.

Key Ingredients

Patharchatta - Has high antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects that prevent kidneys from oxidative damage & harmful radicals.

Punarnava - Rich in diuretic properties that encourages detoxification & regulates the risk of kidney problems.

Rosemary - Intrinsic properties discourage urea & creatinine accumulation in the body.

Fennel - Protect kidney cells from free radical damage & regulates inflammation.


Does it also help in detoxification?

Yes, it helps to filter waste & eliminate toxins from the body, keeping your kidneys healthy & free from buildup.

What does diuretic mean?

Diuretic promotes urine production to eliminate excess fluid, salt & waste products from the body. It helps to regulate fluid build up & swelling.

What are the guidelines for healthy kidneys?

Eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, avoid alcohol consumption, manage blood pressure to prevent damage to blood vessels in kidneys & stay active.

What does Urea & Creatinine mean?

Urea & Creatinine are the by-products of protein metabolism that should be eliminated from the body as their accumulation can lead to many health problems.

Is it safe for long-term usage?

Yes, it is an expert-approved & vegan formula made as per the regulatory standards, making it fit for consumption & side-effect free.


Thank You

Himalayan Organics Plant Based Kidney Support,Cleanser,Purifier,Patarchata,Fenne

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