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Why Folate with Iron? - Iron with folate is more effective in boosting haemoglobin production and managing iron deficiency anaemia. 

All plant-based ingredients - Amla | Spinach | Beetroot | Lemon Peel | Curry Leaves | Spirulina

Iron On! Fatigue Gone! - Natural ingredients provide nutrients like iron, folate, vitamin C & vitamin B12, which improve metabolism & enhance energy production. 

Fast-acting & easier to absorb - These capsules are fast-acting, gentle on stomach, easily digestible & offer better absorption. 

Key Nutrients:


Fills your body with Vitamin C as well as makes the formula easily digestible & supports your heart health


Rich in nutrients & bioactive compounds that enhance energy production & improve blood flow


Extremely rich in iron & folate, it helps to regulate oxidative stress, manage blood pressure & create haemoglobin  


HIGH ENERGY: Improves oxygen supply to cells and nutrient absorption that boosts energy production. 

BOOST IRON LEVELS: The natural ingredients provide daily levels of iron & folate which discourages iron deficiency.

HEART HEALTH: Manages oxidative stress, regulates blood flow & ensures optimum blood pressure levels. 


How does RBCs production boost energy levels?

RBCs help to carry oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body, which is then essential for energy production & iron is vital to maintain the health of RBCs. 

Does it cause any digestive issues?

No. In fact, Plant Based Iron + Folate is a readily absorbable & digestible formula made using natural ingredients like Amla that improves digestion. So it is easily accepted by the body & does not cause any reflux action or acidity.

Why have we added Vitamin B12 & Vitamin C to the formula? 

Vitamin C helps to improve the body’s ability to absorb iron from the food. On the other hand, Vitamin B12 is equally crucial for the production of healthy RBCs.

Which food items are rich in Iron?

Apart from supplements, add foods rich in Iron like legumes, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, broccoli, tofu & more. You can even consult our expert dietician for a meal plan. 

Are there any side effects?

Himalayan Organics Plant Based Iron + Folate is a vegan formula made under expert supervision as per the RDA protocols & certified by relevant bodies, making it perfectly fit for consumption & side-effect free. 

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Himalayan Organics Plant-Based Iron Supplement With Folate Improved Hemoglobin &

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