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  • Hold skin aging with collagen! Prove that age is just a number & let your skin be forever young.

  • Nourish your hair & unleash your beauty: With the goodness of 15+ active, fresh & potent natural ingredients.

  • Best Vegan Collagen you need: For skin elasticity, hair density, nails delicacy & natural beauty.

  • Don’t worry about those wrinkles : Give your skin the best nourishment and transform it naturally from within .


RADIANT & YOUTHFUL SKIN:Discourages blemishes & aging, hydrates skin cells & ensures younger-looking skin.

HEALTHY HAIR:Nourishes scalp, ensures healthy hair growth, strengthens hair follicles & regulates hair fall.

STRONG NAILS:Acts as a boon for nail health, controls breakage, strengthens nail cuticles & promotes fast nail growth.

Key Ingredients

Acai Berry - Superfood rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 along with essential vitamins, Acai Berry helps in collagen synthesis.

Sesbania Grandiflora - Rich in Vitamin C, which is essential to boost collagen & is also filled with plant based compounds needed for skin health.

Bamboo Shoot - A powerhouse of proteins, carbs, fiber & minerals, bamboo shoot promotes a soothing effect on the skin & encourages collagen production.

Orange Peel - A powerful source of Vitamin C & antioxidants, it assists in collagen production, promotes glowing skin & promotes an anti-aging effect.


What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein found in various parts of the body that provides structural support & strength. It is a primary building block for skin, hair, bones, nails, muscles & tendons.

Is collagen also essential for bones?

Collagen is an important part of bones as it provides a structure to your bones, strengthens them, ensures bone density & discourages cells that focus on bone breakage.

Is it vegan & safe?

Yes, it is a vegan formula devoid of gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish & tree nuts. Also, all our products are made under expert supervision as per the RDA protocols & certified by relevant bodies, making them perfectly fit for consumption & side-effect free.

How long does it take to see results?

It is not possible to overcome any deficiency overnight. For best results, you should consume it consistently for a minimum of 45-90 days.

Who should consume collagen supplements?

Anyone struggling with fine lines, wrinkles, hair fall, weak & brittle nails and who wants to support skin health or nourish hair should consume collagen supplements.


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Himalayan Organics Plant Based Collagen Builder For Hair And Skin With Biotin An

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