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  • 3X Mineral Power with Vitamin Duo!: From 15+ natural ingredients.

  • Synergistic Blend: For sturdy & strong you inside out.

  • Healthy Body. Happy Mood: Secret to seize the day cheerfully!

  • Capsules In. Deficiencies Out: Daily nutrient fulfillment as per the RDA.


STRONG BONES:Naturally boosts calcium absorption in bones for a strong structure.

MUSCLE HEALTH:Fills you with Magnesium, a vital mineral for muscle functioning.

BETTER IMMUNITY:Powerful antioxidants guard against infections & strengthen immunity.

Key Ingredients

Spirulina- Known to enhance muscle strength, regulate muscle fatigue, improve energy & boost endurance.

Pumpkin seeds- An impressive nutrient profile helps with healthy WBCs, strong immunity & fast wound healing.

Asparagus- Low-calorie potent antioxidant that discourages free harmful radicals in the body.

Mustard Greens- One of the potent sources of Vitamin K2 that helps minimize the risk of developing heart diseases.


Is it easily absorbable?

It’s a plant based formula that absorbs quickly without causing digestive or reflux issues. Moreover, it has ingredients that ensure smooth digestion.

What is the role of Vitamin K2?

Binds calcium to the bones for higher bone density. Discourages calcium deposition in the arterial walls, preventing heart diseases.

Why is Vitamin D3 important?

Vitamin D3 benefits in multiple ways like better absorption of calcium, faster immune response, healthy blood pressure & supports mental health.

What is Zinc’s role?

Zinc helps in activating WBCs essential to ward off infections. It also regulates the activity of T-cells & cytokines, which are key players in the immune response.

How does it help the heart?

Vitamin D3 & K2 are the key nutrients in the formula that discourage inflammation, regulate heart vitals, improve arterial flexibility & prevent calcium deposit in the arteries.


Thank You

Himalayan Organics Plant Based Calcium Magnesium Zinc D3 + K2 Supplement 120 Veg

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