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  • Energy! Endurance! Exuberance! Feel much more confident in your body’s capabilities at the same time, enjoy an active & satisfied performance.

  • Nutritional powerhouse for men & women! Enhance your body functions holistically & ensure daily wellness in the health of men & women.

  • An age-old root to support you from the root causes: Fertility | Hormonal Balance | Sports & Exercise Performance | Menopause Symptoms | Reproductive Goodness.

  • Good mood always: Elevate your mood, lessen your stress, manage anxiety and be in a cheerful state.



BETTER PERFORMANCE:Enhances exercise performance, stamina, endurance & mood.

WOMEN’S HEALTH SUPPORT:Balances estrogen in women, eases hot flashes, and manages mood swings & irritability.

HIGH ENERGY LEVELS:A nutritional powerhouse that keeps you active so that you perform all your daily activities with total ease.

Key Ingredients

Maca Root - Also known as "Peruvian Ginseng," it is a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals & bioactive plant compounds effective for energy, reproductive health & performance.


Is it helpful for athletes?

Yes, even athletes, sports performers & fitness enthusiasts can take Maca Root capsules, which are known to support exercise performance, boost muscle recovery, improve post-exercise recovery & increase daily energy levels.

How to maintain reproductive health?

Apart from taking supplements, regulate your stress levels, indulge in daily exercise to improve blood flow to reproductive organs, have a protein-rich diet and have a relaxed sleep.

Is it vegan & safe?

Yes, it is a vegan formula devoid of gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish & tree nuts. Also, all our products are made under expert supervision as per the RDA protocols & certified by relevant bodies, making them perfectly fit for consumption & side-effect free.

How long does it take to see results?

It is not possible to overcome any deficiency overnight. For best results, you should consume it consistently for a minimum of 45-90 days.

Who can consume Maca Root?

Both men & women who are struggling with poor stamina, fatigue, weak endurance, menopause & reproductive issues can consume this product. However, anyone with a medical condition should first consult their doctor.


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Himalayan Organics Maca Root Extract 800mg 90 Veg Capsules

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