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  • Bulging tummy troubling you?  Transform your body & shed the extra Kgs you’ve been struggling to lose with this natural formula.

  • Look fit, fine & fab: Start today, feed your body right & achieve your weight management goals naturally.

  • 3G power for your body: Triple nourishment formula fortified with 3 natural fat regulators - Garcinia Cambogia, Guggal Extract, Green Tea Extract.

  • Loose Inches! Gain Good Health! By adding Garcinia Cambogia Capsules into your daily diet & workout routine.


REGULATES FAT ACCUMULATION:Helps lower high levels of fat in your blood & blocks fat production in your body.

SUPPRESSES UNTIMELY CRAVINGS:It manages Serotonin levels that makes you feel full & reduces your appetite.

EVERYDAY ENERGY BOOST:The nutrients in these ingredients helps manage metabolism essential for higher energy levels.

Key Ingredients

Garcinia - Inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase which balances the production of new fatty acids

Green Tea - The chlorogenic acid & catechins content in green tea helps boost metabolism & fat burning process.

Guggul - It is rich in plant compounds & helps to manage hormones that regulate appetite.


Does it help with cholesterol?

Garcinia fruit helps to diminish the level of bad cholesterol & increases the level of good cholesterol. So it is good for people who are suffering from a condition of excess cholesterol because of being overweight.

Does it help in detoxification?

Yes, it has green tea, which is loaded with plant compounds & antioxidants that regulates the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Who should consume these supplements?

Anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain optimal weight, has a sedentary lifestyle, wants to boost metabolism & is willing to support their workout routine with a weight management supplement should consume this daily.

Any special tips to follow?

It is suggested to have a balanced diet, exercise daily, sleep well & avoid stress eating. You can speak to our expert dietician for an easy-to-maintain diet plan.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is an expert-approved & vegan formula made as per the RDA protocols & is certified by FSSAI, making it fit for consumption & side-effect free.


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Himalayan Organics Garcinia Cambogia Supplement For Weight Management 60 Vegetar

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