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  • How do capsules help reduce acne breakouts? The capsules are formulated with the right formula with essential nutrients to work on core causes of acne breakouts.

  • The Zinc power for stubborn acne : Zinc helps lower sebum production which can be a cause of painful acne.

  • High Anti-inflammatory action: High anti-inflammatory property helps prevent acne-caused swelling and redness.

  • Safe, Vegan-friendly skin health: The capsules are curated with safe ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, gluten, dairy, soy, nut, egg, and fish, and are truly vegan-friendly supplement.


Reduce acne breakouts:Ingredients such as Zinc, Vitamin B5, and B6 help lower acne formation.

Helps light acne marks:Ingredients like selenium stimulate glutathione production to even your skin tone by lightening acne marks.

Regulates sebum production:Zinc helps lower sebum production, a root cause of acne breakouts.

Key Ingredients

Zinc - Helps control sebum, a major cause of acne breakout.

Omega 3 Fatty acid - Reduces inflammation and helps soothe acne-caused swelling and redness.

Vitamin B3 - Helps build healthy skin cells and protects against environmental stresses.

Vitamin B5- Promotes the breakdown of excess skin oil and reduces clogging skin oil pores.


How sebum stimulates acne production?

Excessively produced sebum combines with dead skin cells, which gradually form plugs that trap bacteria in the pores causing inflammation. This blockage causes blackheads and acne, thus it’s important to regulate sebum production.

Are the capsules effective for pollution-caused acne?

Yes, the supplement helps protect against damage caused due to pollutants and reduces inflammation, resulting in lesser acne breakdowns.

How does the supplement help with lowering acne marks?

The supplement contains ingredients like Vitamin B5 and Selenium that helps reduce inflammation, and promotes glutathione, an antioxidant to discourage oxidative stress and promote even tone skin.

Is the supplement effective for all skin types?

Yes, the supplement supports nutrient balance to help the skin remain healthy and in its natural tone. It discourages the root causes of acne and thus suits all skin types.

Is the supplement vegan-friendly?

Yes, the supplement is free from dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, eggs, shellfish, and fish and is devoid of any harsh chemicals, thus suiting a vegan-friendly diet.


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Himalayan Organics Anti-Acne Supplement For Clear Glowing Skin Antioxidant Rich

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