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Soothe, heal, and protect dry, cracked, and sore nipples

Soothe your nipples with Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter, packed with the goodness of natural oils and butter.

Kokum Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil

Key Ingredients
Ayurveda texts and modern research back the following facts

Kokum Butter

Possessing excellent emollient properties, Kokum helps deeply moisturizes and promote soft and supple skin.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Well-known for antibacterial, nourishing and cooling properties, Coconut Oil helps moisturize and soothe skin. Known to be rich in vitamin E, VCO helps promote healthy skin and protects skin from cracks and fissure.

Directions for Use

Apply Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter on the nipple and areola and massage gently, or use as directed by your physician.

Safe for use during nursing, however it is advisable to clean nipples before breastfeeding.

What Causes Dry and Cracked Nipples?

Cleaning nipples using a cloth dipped in warm water or soap robs the moisture from your sensitive skin, leaving it dry and cracked.

Product Type: Cream

Country of Origin: India

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Himalaya Herbal Ayurvedic Nipple Care Soothe,Heal And Protect Dry,Cracked And So

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