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  • Helps relieve venous stasis, varicosis and varicose ailments

  • Helps with inflammation and choking of the veins

  • Beneficial for eczema on the lower thighs

  • Prevents eruptions in the vesicles

  • Information about Dr. Reckeweg R42 Varicosis Drop

    Dr. Reckeweg R42 Varicosis Drop is a homoeopathic medicine for varicose veins and sensations of heaviness and itching in the limbs. It can help ease localised inflammation and relieves various varicose ailments.
    Key Ingredients:

    • Aesculus, Calcium fluoratum, Carduus marianus, Hamamelis, Mezereum, Placenta, Pulsatella, Secale cornutum, Vipera berus, alcohol

    It is indicated for the management of venous stasis, varicosis and varicose ailments, varicose eczema, inflammation and choking of the veins.
    Key Benefits:

    • Aesculus is useful for dilatation of the veins and venous stasis

    • Calcium fluoratum can help with weak tissues and varices

    • Hamamelis helps prevent obstruction in the veins

    • Placenta helps stimulate blood flow and the total hormonal glandular system


    • As a prolonged cure, 10-15 drops in a bit of water before meals, three times a day

    • n case of inflammation and eczema, ten drops every ½ -1 hour

    Safety Information:

    • Do not exceed the recommended dosage

    • Read the label carefully before use

    • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

    • Keep out of reach of children

    Frequently Asked Question:
    How long does homoeopathy take to cure?
    It can take 2 to 3 days, although some people may need only 1 to 2 doses before they start feeling better. It varies from person to person.
    Can homoeopathy be taken long-term?
    Homoeopathy may be beneficial in the long-term care of patients with chronic diseases.

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Dr Reckeweg Homoeopathy R42 Varicosis Drops 22 ml

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