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Product highlights

  • Reduces skin disorders such as itching

  • Helps relieve redness and spotting

  • Relieves eczema and skin eruptions

  • Information about Dr. Reckeweg R21 Reconstituant Drop

    Dr. Reckeweg R21 Reconstituant Dropcan help in the management of conditions such as itching of the skin and other skin conditions. It helps in managing symptoms of over-sensitive skin and skin disorders.
    Key Ingredients:

    • Medorrhinum

    • Psorinum

    • Thuja

    • Vaccininum

    Key Benefits:

    • Dr. Reckeweg R21 Reconstituant Drop can help manage symptoms of over-sensitive skin and other skin disorders

    • It may help reduce itching of the skin

    Directions For Use:
    Use as directed on the label or as advised by your healthcare professional.
    Safety Information:

    • Read the label carefully before use

    • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

    • Keep out of reach of children

    Thank You

Dr Reckeweg Homoeopathy R21 Reconstituant Drops 22 ml

Artikelnummer: drops00121
19,99$ Standardpreis
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