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Product highlights

  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties

  • Reduces glandular swellings

  • Provides relief from skin conditions

  • Information about Dr. Reckeweg R17 Glandular Enlargement Drop

    Dr. Reckeweg R17 Glandular Enlargement Drop is a homoeopathic formulation that can help reduce abnormal tissue growth and aids in the regeneration of diseased tissues. It may also aid in minimizing skin swelling and inflammation.
    Key Ingredients:

    • Acidum lacticum

    • Naja tripudians

    • Scrophularia nodosa

    • 38 vol. % Alcohol

    It is indicated in cases of abnormal tissue growths, eczema affecting external and internal organs, inflammatory and trophic rashes, and the formation of scales and warts.
    Net Quantity: 22 ML
    Product Form: Liquid
    Key Benefits:

    • The drops can help prevent pus formation and soothe muscular, mucous membrane, and skin conditions

    • It may be beneficial for stomach health

    • It also aids in alleviating glandular swellings, scales, and warts

    10-15 drops 3 times daily in some water.
    Safety Information:

    • Read the label carefully before use

    • Store in a cool and dry place

    • Keep out of reach of children

    Thank You

Dr Reckeweg Homoeopathy R17 Glandular Enlargement Drops 22 ml

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