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  • Improves respiratory issues

  • Improves kidney problems

  • Treats urinary problems

  • Treats abdominal pain

  • Punarnavadi Kashayam are Boerhaavia diffusa, Cedrus deodara, Terminalia chebula, Azadirachta indica, zingiber officinale. Pharmacological action of Punarnavadi Kashayam assuages Kapha and pitta conditions when in extreme. It is a natural and herbal diuretic remedy, which can be used to increase the urine output of patients in various diseases such as generalized edema, kidney failure, ascites, myxedema, etc. Initially, it increases urine output and then balances urinary outflow. It decreases generalized swelling to due excess fluid accumulation in the body.

  • - Read the label carefully before use
    - Do not exceed the recommended dose
    - Keep out of the reach and sight of children
    - Use under medical supervision

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Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Punarnavadi Kashay Useful in Inflamation & Anaemia Liquid

SKU : liquid0117
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