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Dhanvantari Karanj Taila is a medicinal herb mainly used for skin disorders. All parts of Karanja tree (roots, flowers, leaves, bark) are used for medicinal purposes. Karanja is widely used in managing constipation as it helps to improve gut motility and has a laxative property.

Dhanvantari Karanj Taila is a good source of fatty acids that can help heal wounds. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties and is used to treat skin conditions like eczema. It also protects the skin from UV rays.

Product description

Product Dhanvantari Karanj Taila Ml is an effective herbal medicine useful in ayurvedic treatment - For dosage / Usage kindly refer the package information

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Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Karanj Taila Useful In Skin Disease Oil

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