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  • It improves the appetite, digestion strength. Hirabol effectively lowers the blood sugar level which aids in balancing diabetes.

  • It is mainly used in post pregnancy medicine, which is known to clean the female reproductive system.

  • It helps the issues related to blood impurity and vitiation such as acne, skin allergies, bleeding issues etc.

  • Hirabol has properties which stimulates the immune system, tones the mucous tissues.

  • It fights the bad breath in mouth and to reduce the periodontal diseases.

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    Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


    Useful In After Pregnancy Problem

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    Product Dhanvantari Hirabol Capsules - 30 Capsules is an effective herbal medicine useful in ayurveda- For dosage / Usage kindly refer the package information. Hirabol is dry, light digest, bitter, pungent and is known for its hot potency. Gum/resin of Hirabol is used in medicnal purposes. It is mainly used for tridosha i.e. vata daosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha. Hirabol (Latin name - Commiphora myrrha), a spiny herb which is primarily used to produce resin made from the dried tree sap is a native tree of Arabian Peninsula and Africa. Since ancient times, Hirabol is used in perfumes due to its aromatic properties and also as insect repellants.

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Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Hirabol Useful In After Pregnancy Problems Capsule

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