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RHEUM AID PLUS is proven for overcoming the distress caused by inflammations and pain. It acts by alleviating all the five symptoms of Rheumatism thereby greatly reducing the discomfort and restoring the mobility. Rheum aid Tablets: Calcarea phos. 3x, Ferrum phos. 3x, Kali. phos. 3x, Natrum phos. 3x, Magnesium phos. 3x, Berberis vulg. 3x, Causticum 3x, Rhododendron chrys. 3x, Rhus tox. 3x. B#11 Pain Drops:Berberis vulgaris 3x, Calcarea phosphorica 8x, Causticum hahnemanni 3x, Rhododendron chrysanthum 3x, Rhus toxicodendron 3x Rheum Aid Tablets: Adults: 1 tablet, 3 times a day. Children: 1 tablet, 2 times a day. #B-11 Drops: In acute cases take 10 drops in some water 4 times a day. Once improvement starts reduce the dose. In chronic cases take 10 drops in some water 2 times daily before meals for atleast 12-16 weeks. Or as advised by the physician. Combination of Rheum Aid Tabs.-75 Tablets & B#11 Drops-30ml

Gout, Arthritis/Joint Pains, Slip Disc and Muscular Weakness/Fatigue

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Bakson's Homoeopathy Rheum Aid Plus Stay active 75 Tablets & 30ml Drops Twin Pac

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