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  • Helps in Redness, Swelling, Irritation, Itching, Dryness of Eyes. Relieves from foreign body sensation, Acts as an antiseptic, Useful for dark circles around the eyes.

  • It allows for removal of dirt and dust particles and also helps with dryness. This will have a cooling and soothing effect and will leave your eyes feeling fresh.

  • It is absolutely reliable & daily application keeps eye clean, healthy. No adverse effects have been noted by use of this medicine since inception. Safe for regular use.

  • It may help to maintain the acuity of vision and be Helpful in eye strain, and watering of the eyes. It may be helpful for Eye Health and also helpful in protecting the eyes from all pollution and bad environment.

  • Product description

    WHY TO CHOOOSE BC HASARAM- In 1957, Vaidyaraj B.C. Hasaram laid the foundation of B.C. Hasaram & Sons and since then we have been serving people with various health problems through the best of our knowledge and quality. Vaidyaraj Hasaram was a renowned vaidya of northern India and has always worked efficiently towards his objective "Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaya" which means ?First Happiness is a Healthy Body?.

    Ujala is the premier eye drops from the hallowed halls of BC Hasaram. Developed more than 40 years ago, Ujala eye drops have stood the test of time and have been established as a highly effective asset to deal with various types of cataracts. In addition, these eye drops are supremely effective in easing inflammation, irritation, redness, and watering in the eyes


    The formulation of Ujala Eye Drops consists of the following ingredients:

    Argilla vitriolutum (35 gram)

    Ayurvedic formula consisting of calcined alum (a hydrated salt of aluminium) that is used in the treatment of eye ailments due to its powerful antiseptic properties.

    Potassium nitrate (35 gram)

    An ionic salt used in the treatment of eye disorders because of its strong analgesic and antimicrobial effects

    Glycerin (1 L)

    Well-established for its naturally lubricating properties..


    It is highly recommended for acute and chronic eye infections; corneal opacity, farsightedness, glaucoma, impaired vision, macular degeneration, myopia (nearsightedness) and trachoma (an infectious disease affecting the inner surface of the eyelid).

    How to use?

    Apply 1-2 drops to each eye. Then close your eyes and move them several times clockwise and anti-clockwise. Keep doing this for 5 minutes and then keep still for 5 more minutes.

    Some FAQs

    Q: My eyes are red and swollen due to dust. Can I use Ujala eye drops?

    A: Yes, absolutely. Ujala eye drops help sore or irritated eyes, and brings quick relief. 

    Q: What is the dosage of the eye drops?

    A: Apply 1-2 drops to each eye. Then close your eyes and move them several times clockwise and anti-clockwise. Keep doing this for 5 minutes and then keep still for 5 more minutes. 

    Q: Are the eye drops safe?

    A: Made with some of the most effective ingredients, each of which are noted for their benefits to the eyes, Ujala eye drops is a safe product to use. 

    Q: I experience a burning sensation for a few seconds upon application of the drops. Is that natural?

    A: Yes, it is natural. Just close your eyes and swirl them around to reduce this effect. 

    Q: Are these eye drops good for cataracts?

    A: These eye drops have been successfully established as an effective means to deal with cataracts.


B.C.Hasaram & Sons Ujala Drops Ayurvedic Ujala Eye Drops,Organic 100% Natural &

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