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Useful in weak eyesight, All other eye Ailments

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Eye Care

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Eye Care

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  • Set of 1 pcs.

  • Per pc. Of 25 ml.

  • It is totally ayurvedic and safe

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    Men and women of all ages – young ones, mothers and sisters wearing spectacles can use Ganga Amrit Eye Drop. After your morning bath, instill 1 to 2 drops of Ganga Amrit into the eyes and keep your eyes closed for 1 to 2 minutes. Place a clean piece of cloth or handkerchief above your eyes and cover them to make a dark shadow. Now, in the dark shade of cloth, open your eyes slowly. Repeat the same method at night also during the bed time. With the constant use of Ganga Amrit for one month, one may get relief from wearing spectacles. After the daily usage of Ganga Amrit for three months, there will be no need of wearing spectacles for long and short sight.

    Ganga Amrit is a blessing in disguise to the patients of Diabetes as well. Eyesight of a diabetic patient gradually becomes weak. Continuous use of Ganga Amrit gives strength to the eyes of such patients.

    Ganga Amrit is an antidote for all eye troubles viz. Pterygium (Nakhuna), watering eyes, Enttrotin (Parwal), Jalla, Reddishness, Trachoma (Kukre), Irritation, Tiring Eyes, Headache etc. It also gives relief from watering eyes during the winters and is helpful for those who frequently ride cycle or ride a scooter. Ganga Amrit is nectar to all the diseases of eyes. It is prepared from pure natural herbs, therefore it has no reaction or any side effect.

    How to Use:

    After taking your morning bath, instill 1 or 2 drops of Ganga Amrit into both the eyes daily. Then close them and place a piece of napkin, towel, cloth or handkerchief over your eyes so that when you open them again, they don’t get expose directly to the strong sun light. Then, after 1 or 2 minutes, open the eyes slowly. Repeat the procedure at night also before going to sleep.


B.C.Hasaram & Sons Ayurvedic Ganga Amrit Eye Drops 25 ml

SKU: drops00008
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